You can have these beautiful cards delivered right to your home. Each image is 4"x6" attached to a 5"x7" card which is made from high quality, acid free paper. They are sold in Collections of 5 images and each Collection cost $20.00 plus shipping and handling. Items are shipped via Canada Post unless courier service is specifically requested.

We are a small company and pride ourselves on personalized service. If you have a request for something different than what you see here, please email me at (It is possible to have all 5 cards with the same image for example or to choose other pictures from elsewhere on the website)

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Sunset Collection

boyand dog last row sunset behind boat sunset on the pacific safe harbour

Wildflower Collection

chocolate lilly shooting star wild tigerlily white camus

Seal Collection

seals seals entering water seals on rock lonley seal mother & pup

Tree Collection

tree at dusk arbutus rainforest through trees trees in silhouette

Bird Collection

owl Falcon middlenatch heron on post eagle profile

Landscape Collection

mt prideaux 1 mt prideaux 2 holland Creek Trail rd to renfrew Mt Arrowsmith

Flower Collection

water lily thistle daliah weird purple flower orchid

Driftwood Collection

driftwood1 driftwood2 driftwood3 driftwood4 stump on beach

Seaview Collection

mt raynier low tide near Qualicum kayakers Sidney

HDR Collection

hrd path hut on Wallace hdrtruck rider sunk boat

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